Meet the Team

Each armed with a He-Man strength work ethic, a stand out visual language and an authentic passion for craft.

Our core artists have a solid working relationship and whilst nearly all projects remain completely in-house, we have an extended network of trusted peers, should we need to outsource. This close-knit, collective approach enables us to cut out middle-man fees whilst combining our diverse assets to produce outstanding and successful solutions to projects.

Darren John

Whilst Darren's work spans multiple creative disciplines, his work regularly promotes off-kilter, character driven concepts that combine a playful approach to colour and a solid appreciation for composition.


Deus fuses his spray painting background with illustration, design and fine art. Working on the collaboration Two-Pence he has bridged the gap between graffiti techniques and vector style illustration.

Richard Birdseed



Ventza has been specialising in spray can art for over a decade and applies his finely tuned graffiti techniques to a range of different mediums.